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Level the playing field with rebates and rewards, daily management support, business techniques, and CE. VetCircle works with manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to obtain exclusive favorable pricing for all your equipment needs.

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To ensure we continue offering high-quality wet labs, workshops, and management support to our valued members, we have implemented a transparent pricing model. Starting January 1, 2024, our membership fee will be $3,500 per year. Your commitment means the world to us, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you get the best value and benefits from your membership.

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Our Veterinary Partners

We appreciate our veterinary partners for their dedication and commitment to providing the best possible care for animals. Their expertise and compassion help to keep our furry friends happy and healthy and we are grateful for their partnership.

VetCircle Community delivers the connections and knowledge that Veterinary Practice owners need to thrive.

With VetCircle, you’ll gain exclusive access to substantial savings and rebates, a dedicated team, expert advice on practice management, and world-class continuing education opportunities. Join our VetCircle Community today and unlock the immense benefits of corporate-sized resources tailored specifically to enhance your veterinary practice.

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Vetcircle Community Membership

We’ve researched and narrowed down the top services, vendors/suppliers, and equipment in the Canadian market to save time for our VetCircle Community members. We have also negotiated significant discounts so you can cut down on the costs of running your practice.

Why Join the VetCircle Community?


Veterinary Management Forum

VetCircle Members can access our Canadian Veterinary Management Dashboard, which includes FAQs, Templates, Training Documents, HR guidelines, and more for you to download!

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Wetlabs & Virtual Webinars

Our wet labs, workshops, and webinars are based on areas we see in clinics that need improvement, including Dental Extraction Wet Labs (using canine and feline cadaver skulls), How to Stabilize Common GP Emergencies, Sample Handling Techniques, Radiography Interpretation, and more!


Decrease Inventory & Operational Costs

We are stronger together in our negotiating power as a group of independently owned hospitals! Join us to get corporate-level rebates and discounts (or sometimes even better—but keep that secret)!


Savings & Easy Equipment Ordering

VetCircle has an Equipment Procurement Team to help source the best equipment and quotes for you! We’ve negotiated discounts with almost every equipment supplier/distributor/manufacturer in North America and Internationally to help you with your equipment needs.

We’re happy to provide a comparison of your potential rewards with our membership against what you’re currently getting for your peace of mind.