In-Hospital Operational Support

Elevate your veterinary practice with VetCircle’s comprehensive workflow training. Experience tailored solutions and expert support for unparalleled success.

Did you know you can hire the VetCircle team to meet your hospital goals?

The VetCircle Operations Team has over 12 years of Canadian Veterinary Hospital Operational experience, successfully implementing full management and workflow improvement projects for 45+ veterinary hospitals!

If you’re a practice owner who’s stuck working in your business instead of on your business, but you struggle moving out from this phase of ownership because you either don’t have the time OR are unsure how—we’ve got your back!

Our Process: A “SOAP” Approach

Our process transforms your practice into a systems-driven organization, ensuring your practice can operate smoothly with your limited involvement and still achieve your goals! In our approach, we follow the “SOAP” practice, consisting of Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan steps.


Brainstorming and Strategy Session

Schedule a strategy meeting with our team so we can learn about your leadership structure, current challenges, and your practice goals.


In-Hospital Practice Health Assessment

As a vet, you recommend in-person annual health assessments for pets. At VetCircle, we recommend annual Practice Health Assessments, where we visit your practice to live a day in your shoes!

A VetCircle team member will join you for the day to observe, shadow your departments, chat with your team, and collect critical information to develop a plan to meet your goals from our Brainstorming and Strategy Session. Choose your typical “busy” day for us to visit so we can experience your challenges in person and gather honest feedback from your team!


Analysis and Recommendations

After we complete our Practice Health Assessment, the VetCircle Operations Team meets to discuss and analyze your practice’s operations! We’ll then create a plan with recommendations and guidance to help you achieve the goals discussed in our initial meeting.


Findings and Recommendations

Finally, we’ll set up a meeting to present our findings and recommend next steps through a comprehensive plan to show you how to achieve your goals. You can choose to implement this plan independently or hire the VetCircle Operations Team to lead and implement the plan alongside you and your team for a separate service fee.

In-Hospital Assessment Fee

VetCircle Community Member: Included with membership*

Non-Member: $1,800 + tax*

*Note: In the event that flights and accommodations are required, a fee will be charged to cover associated costs. 

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At VetCircle, we see the unique challenges veterinary practices face every day and design custom solutions to meet each practice’s specific needs. Our team of experts is committed to elevating your veterinary practice to the next level of success through personalized training and support. Set up your Brainstorming and Strategy Meeting to learn how VetCircle can help you unlock the full potential of your practice!

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