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Lifesaving Workshop: Emergency VetMed in General Practice

Lifesaving Workshop: Emergency VetMed in General Practice

With the surge in pet owners post-COVID, GP veterinary hospitals are noticing an increase in last-minute, rush-to-the-vet situations that can be stressful for our practices to manage without the right training, tools and knowledge. Even if we send our patients to the Emergency and Referral hospitals, the wait times can be gruelling and sometimes up to 10+ hours long! This is why we’re teaming up with Dr. Barbara Bryer, Head of Emergency at Animal Health Partners in Toronto, ON to discuss how to manage the top 10 pet emergencies we commonly encounter in our practices and how to smoothly transfer them to ER.

Join us for this in-person event, hosted in Mississauga, ON, where Dr. Bryer will lecture and engage attendees to collaborate on enhancing patient care during emergency situations. We’ll make sure to keep you fueled and happy, with brunch and finger foods during the session!

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Bryer
November 25
11am – 2pm
Complimentary for Members


  • Top 10 emergencies that you see in GP and how to stabilize
  • Appropriate staffing and training to manage cases
  • Equipment and Supplies needed
  • How to successfully refer your patient to ER

Dr. Barbara Bryer

Dr. Barbara Bryer is a graduate of the OVC 1996 starting out in GP until she found her calling in emergency veterinary medicine. She held the role of Head of Emergency Medicine at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto, ON for 16 years before joining Toronto Animal Health Partners in 2018 where she currently holds the Head of Emergency Medicine position. Dr. Barbara Bryer was on the show “Vets Saving Pets” which follows veterinarians working in one of the busiest veterinary emergency hospitals in Canada!