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Employment Law 101 for Vets (Canada)

Employment Law 101 for Vets (Canada)

Employment law can be tricky and challenging to navigate on your own, not to mention costly so it’s not surprising that there are very few veterinary practices with the right employment documents in place to legally protect them as employers. Another cause of this may be because most veterinary hospitals, thankfully, have never experienced any legal issues with their employees… yet. Many of the challenges we resolve for practice owners through the VetCircle Community could have been prevented if the hospital had the right employment legal documents established. Learning from your own employment law mistakes can be very expensive, time-consuming and stressful. To prevent you from facing these mistakes in the first place, we have decided to host this Employment Law 101 for Vets webinar with Jessyca Greenwood, a criminal, regulatory and employment lawyer practicing in Ontario, Canada. 

Jessyca will go over the basic employment documents and policies that should be in place in your veterinary hospital, to decrease the risk of employment issues arising. She will also be discussing anonymous case studies of challenges that can come up if you don’t have the right employment documents in place, and how to avoid these issues in the first place. 

We are taking anonymous questions from attendees during the webinar so please submit your questions in the registration form. We anticipate many questions for Jessyca, so if we do not get to your question during the webinar or if we feel as though your question should be answered in a private format, we will reach out to you separately to chat after the webinar.

Speaker: Jessyca Greenwood LLP
October 11, 2023
Time: 6 – 7 pm EST
Cost: Complimentary
Event Type: Live Webinar and Emailed Recording


  • Key obligations of an employer
  • Significance of employment agreements
  • Key employer policies for a workplace
  • Workplace issues gone wrong, and how to avoid these pitfalls
  • 20 min of interactive, moderated questions

Jessyca Greenwood LLP

Jessyca is a skilled litigator and problem solver. She is in her 15th year of practice and regularly advises organizations, professionals and individuals on various issues involving workplace best practices, policies, and regulatory matters. She regularly defends employers and respondents in workplace investigations, conducts complex investigations and assists in the aftermath of investigations to help with risk management and restorations.